William Baugh, I

  *William Baugh, I
Born ~1610
Gloucestershire, England
Lived Emigrated from Gloucestershire County, England to Henrico County, Va. circa 1638
Occupn Justice in Henrico and Charles City Counties, 1656.
Died before April 1, 1687
Will Proved Henrico County, Virginia Court - April,1687
Witnesses Thomas Lockett, Peter Ashbrook
Henrico County Records, Will Book 1, pg. 427.
Father *William Baugh
Mother *Mary Wakeman
Dates unknown
  *Unknown in Virginia

Other Spouses:

Name Notes
in England
Believed to be the mother of William, Jr. who emigrated to Virginia with his father shortly before 1638.
Elizabeth Packer
(nee Sharp)
Elizabeth was the widow of Sgt. William Sharp who died before 1635(?). William Baugh was her 3rd husband after Sharp and Thomas Packer. William Sharp arrived in Virginia at age 40 aboard the Starr in May 1611. Elizabeth followed at age 25 on the Bonaventure in August 1620. The 1624/25 census lists Sgt. Sharp with wife Elizabeth and sons Isaac, aged 2 years, and Samuel, aged 2 months, as living in Charles City. Sharp's servant Richard Vause, age 20, came in May 1620 on the Jonathan. Elizabeth died ~1650. She was the mother of John, Thomas and Mary.


Name Birth Death Buried Marriage Spouse & Parents
William, II  
before 1676
Jane Hatcher Branch
William Hatcher
16 Mar 1709/10
John Crowley
Thomas Howlett
Henry Ascough
Thomas Byrd
John Byrd, Grace Stegge
*Elizabeth Ashbrook


Name Notes
William, William I and WIlliam II In the materials prepared by Lois Baugh (b. Ark. 1905, d. Ks. 1997), she combined the persons now shown as William, I & II through their parentage of Priscilla. This was a source of considerable confusion until the matter was researched further. The articles written by Charlotte Hughes Brown helped confirmed my decision to separate these two Williams.
William I, John and Thomas Baugh William, I is uniformly cited as the founder of the Baugh line in colonial Virginia but there is information recording the presence of a Thomas Baugh in the earliest settlements of Virginia. Thomas Baugh appears in the 1624 census of West Sherlow having arrived in Virginia via the ship Supply. I have concluded that this Thomas was a cousin of William, I; being the son of William, I's uncle, John. There is also a John Baugh recorded in a list of tithes along with William, I in Henrico County, 1679. This John , I have further concludedm was the brother of William, I.
Thomas Baugh, cousin to WIlliam, I Thomas Baugh emigrated from England to Virginia on the Ship Supply was the companion ship to the Mayflower. It left 3 weeks late from England and, unlike the Mayflower, it found it's way to Virginia.
*unknown, in Virginia Mother of James and Katherine. Possibly Womack? Possibly Jane Byrd (daughter of Col. Wm. Byrd)?
Jane Hatcher Branch Mother of Priscilla. Jane's first husband was William Branch, second was William Baugh, II and third was Abel Gower. Jane, through her marriage to Branch and via their daughter Mary (not to be confused with a daughter Mary born to William Baugh, I and Elizabeth Packer-Sharp), was the great great grandmother of President Thomas Jefferson. Mary Branch married Thomas Jefferson who was the grandfather of President Thomas Jefferson. Jane was also linked to President Thomas Jefferson through her daughter Priscilla Baugh. Priscilla was the mother-in-law of the aunt of Thomas Jefferson. There may still be some doubt that the maiden name of the woman who married William Branch, William Baugh and then Abel Gower was actually Hatcher.
William Baugh, II William Baugh, II emigrated to Virginia with his father at an early age. His father counted him as a headright in his first land patent application.
Thomas Byrd Thomas Byrd, the fourth husband of Mary Baugh was a brother of Col. Wm. Byrd.
Thomas Howlett, 2nd husband of Mary Baugh Mary Baugh and Thomas Howlett had a son, Thomas, b. ~1675 and d. 29 June 1717. This son Thomas md. Susanna __ England Catlin between 17 Dec 1703 and 2 April 1705. Susanna was the daughter of William Catlin Together with her husband she presented an accounting of her father's estate. Susanna left a will dated 12 Dec 1724, recorded 7 Mar 1725 and witenessed by Edward Booker, Henry Anderson and Henry Trent. Susanna's will mentioned daughters Jane White and Elizabeth Howlett and sons Crowley Howlett, John Howlett and Thomas Howlett. The senior Thomas Howlett eventually purchased all of the lands belonging to his stepfather, Henry Ascough, on 25 June 1717.
Children of Mary Baugh and Thomas Howlett Thomas md. Martha Wilkinson, a daughter of Joseph Wilkinson and his wife Priscilla Branch. Elizabeth md. Thomas Bass. John md. Judith __ and died before April 1760. Judith's will was dated 1 Nov. 1767 and recorded 1 Dec 1769. Crowley md. __ Slaughter and left a will dated 2 Nov. 1750, recorded 1 Feb 1750/1.


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Baugh Katherine Baugh
John Byrd
Thomas Howlett
Children of Mary Baugh and Thomas Howlett
Adventurers of Purse and Person.

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